Kinderkinetics in South Africa is offered at various educational institutions in the country.

The discipline demands the following academic structure:

  •  A three-year BA / BSc degree in a Human Movement Science as major.
  • Specialization (subject to verification) in Kinderkinetics in the 4th year of academics.  This Honours Degree combines practical experience with academic training.  The practical experience is equivalent to 300 hours in an accredited Kinderkinetic practice.


Registration with SAPIK as a Kinderkineticist is also possible via the following route:

  •  A five-year program at an accredited training institution.  This includes 60 practical hours in years 2 and 3 of training and 300 practical hours in an accredited Kinderkinetic practice during years 4 and 5 of training.  Meticulous testing gives admission to years 4 and 5 of the training and the number of students trained may be restricted. The student's training course is known as a Kinderkinetics Practitioner.  Although the student can register as a Kinderkineticist Practitioner and perform all the practices of a Kinderkineticist, an Honours degree is not awarded.
  • A three year degree in Human Movement Science or a diploma in Kinderkinetics at an accredited training institution (with 60 practical hours and prescribed workshops), gives way for registration and execution of limited acts pertaining to the profession of Kinderkinetics.


University of the Free State - 4-year B-Biokinetics:

  • The University of the Free State has a new 4-year B-Biokinetics program situated in the Faculty of Health Science under the School of Allied Health Professions. During the 4-year degree the students are exposed to a multi-disciplinary approach, where they are taught on all the aspects of a Kinderkineticist, Biokineticist as well as a Sport Scientist.
  • The 1st and 2nd year students are involved in a module called Work Integrated Learning in Kinderkinetics. This imply that the students do two hours of practical at a main-stream school in addition to a special needs school over a two-year period. The students conduct lessons under the supervision of the 4th year students and a qualified Kinderkineticist.  
  • During the 3rd year the students presents sport development lessons and baby stimulation lessons. At the end of the 3rd year they will have completed at least 200 practical hours in the field of Kinderkinetics.
  • During the 4th year they will do individual lesson with children in a one-to-one basis at the University of the Free State in the Kinderkinetics Centre (Eduomove).
  • They will also have the opportunity to choose if they would like to complete the Learn to Swim, which is another 20 hours of practical


    Minimum admission requirements:

  •  National Senior Certificate
  •  AP of 34
  •  Language of instruction on level 4 (50%)
  •  Mathematics on level 4 (50%)
  •  Physical Sciences and/or Life Sciences on level 5 (60%)
  •  Admission is subject to selection and based on academic potential and the extent and level of activity in addition to that prescribed by academic curricula.


    For more information on a specific University's program please visit their website or contact their program leader.

    North West University,

    Potchefstroom campus


    Program leader: Prof. Dané Coetzee


    Tel: 018 299 1792


    University of the Free State,

    Bloemfontein campus


    Program leader: Dr. Monique de Milander


    Tel: 051 401 9342


    Stellenbosch University

    Program leader: Dr. Eileen Africa


    Tel: 021 8084591            


    Centurion academy

    Centurion campus, Klerksdorp campus, Bellville campus


    Aletia Olivier